Helpful Hints

Turn water off

water-shutoff-valveMost homes and condos have a water shut off valve located near the hot water heater. Therefore if your heat goes off or an ice maker water line breaks water will not continue pumping into your vacation home. If you do not see a valve, having a plumber install the shut off valve can save thousands of dollars in damages.




Smart thermostat

parker-hannifin-thermostat-concept-rendering-iso-graphic-user-interface-[field_seo_keywords-formatted]As long as you have access to the internet the Smart thermostat is great investment. There are several models. Select one that will notify you if the temperature drops below what ever threshold you designate. in one source.



Service the furnace

plumber_furnaceCheck the furnace filter and change several times a year. If the air flow isn’t kept open, your furnace will have to work too hard and you may not be heating efficiently.








Install steel braided supply lines

2eeaedd2-dd7d-4801-817e-ba58386e7eeb_145Changing water connections such as ice makers, washer hoses, toilet supply line and sink water lines to steel braided lines can prevent problems caused from deteriorating water lines.




Sewer freeze up

Some sewer drains will freeze, particularly if you have a forced air furnace. There are a variety of reasons. To prevent the sewer drain freeze up, pour a cup of dry salt into the drain right before you lock up and leave. The salt residue will mix with any trickle of water and send salt water into the drain.